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Solidarity (1960-1977)

The Solidarity group was born out of both a tradition of direct action trade-unionism expressed by shop stewards and the militant anti-nuclear movement. This background allowed it to have contacts with a lot of people and influenced it at least as much as its formal ideas. Although it expressed ideas close to those of the Socialisme ou Barbarie Group in France it was this contact which allowed it to have an important influence on social struggles during the years of its existence.

“The evidence for Solidarity’s importance for the ultra-left in Britain is the fact that the British communist left all have their origins in Solidarity" and that in the 1960s and 1970s, the pamphlets and articles it published were widely discussed in far-left circles.

The two most central figures throughout Solidarity’s existence, and two of the founders of the group, were Ken Weller, who was expelled from the Trotskyist Socialist Labour League in May 1960, and Chris Pallis who left this group shortly thereafter.


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